This isn't the first time I've started a personal blog. Maybe it will be the last.

Recently I've been wanting to do more writing, and I figured that the best way to keep myself accountable was to spin up a blog that's open to the public.

For the past few years, most of the writing I've released publicly has been about crypto– first on the Multicoin blog, then on the Aurora and Greymass blogs. I'll continue to write about crypto, but I wanted to kick off this site as an opportunity to dive into some of the other topics I'm passionate about– things like food and cooking, health, philosophy, travel, music, martial arts....the list goes on. It will also be an interesting opportunity to explore some of the more niche topics that I nerd out on– things like learning languages, watches, fermentation, the future of education, living in the digital age, and much more. You can expect a lot of different topics to be covered.

I think that the biggest hurdle to writing consistently is perfectionism. I'm definitely guilty of that. This blog is going to be an exercise in hitting the "publish" button more often and worrying about the tiny details less. I'm excited about it.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy what I write. If you want to provide feedback, feel free to reach me on Twitter.