A Quick Bio:

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I studied economics at Fordham University in NYC and cooking at Centro Culinario Ambrosía in Mexico City.

I've lived in NYC, Argentina, Mexico, and Los Angeles. I'm currently living in Austin, TX.

I cooked professionally at Hartwood restaurant in Tulum. I worked at Masienda and Multicoin Capital before starting my own ventures.

I'm currently working on Mother Tongue Cooking Club and Greymass.

Some Background on Me:

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and chef, among other things.

My professional life has taken place in both the crypto and food worlds. These days, I'm doing a little bit of both.

Things I love: cooking, jiu jitsu, yoga, reading, learning languages, traveling, music, coffee, watches

Things that interest me: Bitcoin, food, health, nutrition, mindfulness, philosophy, mindbody medicine, fermentation

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